The CAVOMIT Company established in 1986 with the object of work the conversion of simple presses into Hot-stamping and Hologram printing machines.

Over the years, the reputation for reliability, the emphasis on quality control, the prompt after-sales technical support and continuous model upgrades combined with competitive prices have resulted approximately 754 hot-stamping installations on platen press machines and 316 conversions of cylinder machines, in Greece and abroad.

These numbers are proportionally the bigger in Europe and formed a virtually monopoly market for Greek data.

Today CAVOMIT machines cover the entire range of prints from simple mechanical parts to advanced generation electronic systems, including hologram printing recognition.

Also, auxiliary hot-printing machines are manufactured, such as roller cutters and wrappers.

The specialized staff of the company develop all systems and software.

CAVOMIT machines have been available on the international market since 1990 through a network of local dealerships and technical support. Such systems currently operate in

Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Benin, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Kenya Nairobi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Malaysia Kuala Lampur, Marocco, Moldova, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates Dubai, Usa, Venezuala.

What is the main activity of CAVOMIT?

The main activity of CAVOMIT is the construction of hot-stamping systems for use in mints, lithographic and artistic printing houses around the world. In the printing industry, CAVOMIT has be established internationally as a manufacturer of quality hot-stamping equipment.

Where is CAVOMIT?

CAVOMIT is located in Athens, the capital of Greece, a member of European Union and Eurozone.

What can we buy from CAVOMIT?

If your business is hot-stamping and hologram printing then CAVOMIT can become your supplier for everything you may need in the field of hot-stamping and hologram printing.

In the Greek market, CAVOMIT is the first integrated company in hot-stamping printing equipment, in sales of foils, clichés and auxiliary materials.

Why Greek applied engineering?

CAVOMIT is the only company in Greece that converts printing presses into hot-stamping machines. It is also active in any other field of hot-stamping such as consumables, auxiliaries and holograms.

The many years of experience in hot-stamping printing, innovative engineering and reliable technical support as well as the very large number of installations of our machines in Greece and around the world certify that CAVOMIT systems are and will always be in the first place.

What kind of equipment does CAVOMIT manufacture?

With the specialization we have in the conversion of simple presses, platen and cylinder into hot-stamping machines, we manufacture hot-stamping systems mechanically and electronically for Stantza, Heidelberg, Johannisberg presses as well as autonomous machines for printing holograms.

There is also auxiliary hot-stamping equipment, which we can fit on your machines, in the area where they are located.

Can CAVOMIT hot-stamping systems be installed on existing equipment?

Yes, we offer hot-stamping systems (mechanical or electronic), with one or more foil pulls, that can be fitted to all Heidelberg presses. We also offer complete Heidelberg multi-cylinder hot-stamping systems developed specifically for hologram printing.

What kind of specialized equipment is available for printing holograms?

CAVOMIT since 1992, is the first manufacturer to upgrade hot-stamping systems with hologram printing systems. The introduction, for the platen and cylinder presses, of the HOLO FOIL and HOLO CYLINDER hot-stamping systems was a necessary extension in order to meet the special requirements in security printing and in multiple hologram printing applications.

The new machines for printing holograms on computer forms but also, optional, for roll to roll printing are the tabletop HOLO STAMPER, the HOLO LABEL and the HOLO FLEXO.