CAVOMIT was established in 1986 as a converter of conventional printing presses into hot-stamping equipment. Over the years a reputation for reliability, direct technical after-sale support and continuous upgrade of models combined with unbeatable pricing resulted in approx. 654 installations on platen presses and 213 large-format or cylinder conversions in Greece and abroad, a practical monopoly by local standards.

Today, CAVOMIT converted equipment covers the entire range: from simple mechanically controlled attachments to the advanced generation of complete electronic conversion systems to sophisticated hologram registration equipment. Auxiliary equipment such as re-reel and foil cutting machines is also on offer. All systems and software are developed in-house locally.

This equipment is being made internationally available since 1990 through a network of local agencies and technical support units and CAVOMIT large-format presses are currently operative in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Serbia/Montenegro, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Bangladesh, Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Albania, Lebanon, Cyprus, Bahrain, Benin, Peru, Ghana, Finland, U.S.A and Venezuela.  

Q & A

What is the main activity of CAVOMIT?
CAVOMIT is exclusively active in the field of hot-stamping equipment that is used in the mints-lithographer’s workshops and artistic printing houses all over the world. In the printing industry, CAVOMIT has established a solid international reputation as manufacturer of quality hot-stamping equipment.

Where is CAVOMIT based?
CAVOMIT is based in Athens, the capital of Greece, a member-state of the European Union and the Eurozone. Within the Greek market, CAVOMIT is the leading vertically integrated supplier of hot-stamping equipment, foils, printing dies and auxiliary materials.

What can we buy from CAVOMIT?
If your activities are in Greece, then CAVOMIT can be your one-stop supplier of practically everything you may need in hot-stamping and hologram registration. For activities outside of Greece, we can supply hot-stamping equipment from our own manufacture.

Why Greek engineering?
CAVOMIT is the only converter of hot-stamping equipment among its competitors also active in every other field of hot-stamping (consumables, auxiliary materials, holography). Reflected in our systems are years of experience with a large number of installations in Greece and abroad combined with engineering ingenuity and reliable technical support ensuring that CAVOMIT will always be in the first place.

What kind of equipment does CAVOMIT manufacture?
We specialize in hot-stamping conversions of sheet-fed printing presses. Our product line ranges from simple mechanical hot-stamping attachments until complete electronic conversions to foiling equipment with hologram registration. Auxiliary equipment is also available for on-the-spot application at your facilities. 

Can CAVOMIT hot-stamping systems be retrofitted to existing equipment?
Yes, we offer hot-stamping attachments (mechanical or electronic, single or multi-pull) which can be retrofitted on all the popular sheet-fed platen or vertical Heidelberg presses. Our hot-stamping conversions of cylinder presses are available as complete equipment based on reconditioned Heidelberg presses of all sizes or other similar equipment (Johanissberg). We also offer a complete multi-pull hot-stamping conversion of the Heidelberg family of platen presses, especially developed for the foil-blocking of registered holograms. 

What kind of specialized equipment is available for hologram registration?
CAVOMIT is the first hot-stamping equipment manufacturer to offer hologram registration as a standard feature on all types of electronically controlled models since 1992. The introduction of vertical and cylinder presses with the hot-stamping systems HOLO@PLATEN and HOLO@CYLINDER was a necessary development in order to meet the special requirements of the security printing industry for multi-up applications of registered holograms.
The new additions to our family of hologram registration equipment are: the HOLO@STAMPER and the HOLO@PRINTER, table-top foil applicators for point-of-issue authentication and the HOLO@FLEXO, equipment for hologram registration on multi-use computer paper and optionally for roll to roll printing.