Optaglio has worked with Cavomit machines in a number of demanding foiling projects. In Bangladesh, Cavomit were asked to supply and install machines in a short timescale and to exacting standards. The project was completed successfully with over 3.5 billion tax stamps applied with Optaglio's high security E-Direct foil. We greatly appreciated the support that we received from Cavomit to enable us to complete this important project on time and to specification.

We acquired a specially developed CAVOMIT HOLO@CYLINDER at our print works as early as 1993, mostly for the application of OVDs on high-security state documents. This early investment justified its purchase beyond dispute over the years; in particular, it rendered the Bank of Greece print works technically ready for the introduction of EURO banknotes both in terms of available equipment and operators' expertise. The technicians of CAVOMIT were always ready to support this equipment and introduce the Bank to any relevant innovative development. In general, we find the CAVOMIT HOLO@CYLINDER as the ideal equipment for the application of OVDs in projects where relatively limited volumes are involved and an excellent price/value combination is sought.

MATSOUKIS Security Printers were early to invest heavily in hot-stamping equipment. For many reasons, least of which was CAVOMIT's reputation and availability for after-sale support, our confidence was placed on equipment manufactured by this firm. Over the years we have built arguably the most impressive collection of hot-stamping equipment among security printers of our league in terms of number of equipment and of its varied versatility. Our investment decision on CAVOMIT allowed us to participate in several international printing projects involving registered OVDs in a highly competitive way, thus enhancing  our  reputation for top quality at reasonable pricing.

....holographic hot-stamp foil application equipment from the Cavomit company. We personally would recommend this equipment as high quality yet inexpensive for the application of security holograms. There are many installations of this equipment in security printers around the world and not only do the machines work very efficiently but they are also easy to set up and maintain. Furthermore, the Cavomit company is well known for its high level of service and customer support.

Steve KYLE
My experience with CAVOMIT has been one of immense satisfaction with their high quality machinery and help on deciding the correct equipment for the application and purpose desired at a good price. Their attitude and back-up services are exemplary. Having placed my trust in them, I am more than happy to recommend this company to anyone in the future.

Bruce A. BROWN
...because we believe that CAVOMIT foil stamping presses represent the best value engineering currently available in Heidelberg cylinder conversions.

This is to confirm our satisfaction with your cylinder conversion we have installed in our Print Studio. ...This machine is used for a number of functions, including testing development products for our Research and Development team, producing promotional items, demonstrating our materials to visiting customers and assisting our in process materials control system. We have found your machine to be thoughtfully designed and eminently suitable for our purposes.