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ZNAK, Security printing, Moscow 2002
ZNAK Printworks is one of the leading private printing concerns in the wider area of the Russian capital with considerable expertise in foiling documents and packaging for commercial purposes. Their involvement in security printing activities required a mutli-million investment in new dedicated premises and equipment. The exclusive award of the State printing contract to ZNAK for vehicle windshield stickers for the Moscow area marked the first CAVOMIT installation in this country and the beginning of our representation by the leading firm NISSA. The CAVOMIT  HOLO@CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 56X77 proved its worth in a 4x4 multiple-up layout and justified its selection by this customer over their existing previous choices (Steuer, Gietz, Starfoil).
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IZDATEL, Commercial Printing, Vladikavkaz OSETIA CIS 2004 
IZDATEL is a newcomer in the printing world of this geographical area but with substantial investment in capital equipment for the integrated manufacture of beverage labels. The introduction of a CAVOMIT HOLO@CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 56X77 letterpress proved a very efficient and versatile way for the embelishment and finishing of such labels with decorative foils and embossing.
56X77 clear1400