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HOLO STAMPER PLC is a versatile, user-friendly, tabletop hot-stamping device used for point-of-issue authentication of documents and protection of variable data. Prints anywhere on a manually fed substrate of max size A4, from thin paper to carton of max thickness 3mm to plastic cards. Wallpaper patterns or registered images, metallized or transparent OVDs, flat or textured dies, everything can be applied under secure control in a simple and easy way.

Manual or automatic operation mode. In manual mode, the unit starts printing after the sheet is in correct position and the START switch (manual or pedal) is pressed. In automatic mode, the unit will automatically sense the presence of a sheet and enter into operation. Max. speed 2.000 printing cycles per hour. 

- Manually alignment of the sheet against the adjustable side rulers.
- Max foiling area 900 sq. mm.
Printed area of max 30 x 30 mm or 11.25 x 80 mm (patches or stripes).
- Accurate image registration accounting for uneven image pitch. Visible settings.
- Micro-adjustment mechanism. 
- Foil tension control. 
- Printing tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm (patch to watermark). 
- Registration tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm on both X/Y axis (image to patch). 
- Adjustable printing temperature. Printing will not start until the selected temperature is reached. 
No second print before a cycle is completed.
- Audio and visual warning if a sheet is left behind. 
- STANDBY mode after a set time of inactivity. Full resumption of operation in seconds. 
- Secure access and operation. 
- Electronic coded access into programming mode and foil compartment. 
- Non-resettable audit meter. 
- Independent batch meter.