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B.N.B., Security printing, Sofia
The Bulgarian National Bank is the country's official State printworks for secure printing of banknotes, personal identification documents, lotteries and other valuable documents. Given their award of a 5-year contract in 2003 from the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance to print and distribute tax banderols for tobacco and alcohol consumption in the country, they invested in two CAVOMIT HOLO CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 64X90 hot-stamping machines. The choice of CAVOMIT came only natural after our long involvement in similar projects in Eastern Europe and the new generation of our equipment was introduced only in time to match the impeccable state-of-art facilities of this reputable customer. A twin-pull Jumbo-roll feeder was installed on one of their presses. They also acquired one CAVOMIT HOLO STAMPER  table-top hot-stamping and hologram registration unit and a CAVOMIT RO-80 foil reeling & cutting machine.

64X90 Bul 200 H.S.OLD 200 RO 80 200  2 machines CAVOMIT HOLO@CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 64X90

HOLO EAST LTD., Security hologram printing, Sofia
The company HOLO EAST LTD. acquired one CAVOMIT HOLO STAMPER table-top hot-stamping and hologram registration unit suitable for the authentication at the point-of-issue of certifications with the use of hot-stamped OVDs.

H.S.OLD 200 

TAF PRINT, Packaging, paperback book-covers, laminating & print finishing, Plovdiv
The company TAF PRINT acquired in 2013 one two-foil-pull CAVOMIT HOLO CYLINDER HEIDELBERG SBG 56X77 hot-stamping machine.

56X77 200