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HOLOGRAPHY INDUSTRY, Wine and Beverage Labels, Minsk
HOLOGRAPHY INDUSTRY is a multinational joint-venture private firm active in the printing of security documents and authenticated packaging. With scientific background of international acclaim in holography and state-of-the-art equipment for the origination and in-house embossing of security holograms, they felt that a multi-pull CAVOMIT HOLO CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 56X77 cylinder press was best suited for their demanding security foiling applications for the local and neighbouring markets.

56X77 OLD 200 

MINSKER DRUCKEREI, State documents, tax banderols, Minsk
MINSKER DRUCKEREI is the official State printworks of Belarus under the auspices of Goznak, which is involved in the printing of all security documents in the country. The introduction of tax banderols for alcohol and tobacco products, featuring holographic and other OVD hot-stamping stripes, resulted in a contract in 2003 for the supply of two CAVOMIT HOLO CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 54X72 machines.

54X72 OLD 200 54X72 OLD 200 2 Machines CAVOMIT HOLO CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 54X72 

RUE "MINSK PRINTING FACTORY" OF GOZNAK, State documents, tax banderols, Minsk
RUE “Minsk Printing Factory” of Goznak is the largest specialised enterprise of the Republic of Belarus for manufacturing of all kinds of strict reporting forms and special materials for their protection against a fake. The introduction of tax banderols for alcohol and tobacco products resulted in a contract in 2005 for the supply of two CAVOMIT HOLO CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 54X72 machines.

54X72 OLD 200 54X72 OLD 200