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DURASEAL, Laminating & Print Finishing, Dorset 1989
DURASEAL, member of the Celloglass Group, are among the early users of a CAVOMIT hot-stamping conversion system of a cylinder press for the application of decorative foils onto greetings cards, presentation folders and book jackets. Still in use today, their confidence in our engineering has been rewarded by years of practically trouble-free operation.

56X77 OLD 200 

BLOCKING SERVICES Ltd. Paperback book jackets, Ipswich 1989
BLOCKING SERVICES is a reputable foil blocker in the field of graphics. One of our earliest generations of hot-stamping cylinder conversions, still in use today for conventional foil applications. 

56X77 OLD 200

ASTOR UNIVERSAL, Hot-foil manufacturer, print studio, Salford 1992 
ASTOR UNIVERSAL (now part of the API FOILS group) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hot-stamping foils for graphics. A CAVOMIT cylinder press is in use since 1992 at their own test and development studio, always available for public demonstrations and professional training in foiling applications. This press was upgraded to full hologram registration capabilities in 2001.

46X58 OLD 200

APPLIED OPSEC, Hologram manufacturer, materials development laboratory, Washington 1999 
APPLIED OPSEC is arguably the world's leading vertically integrated manufacturer of all types of holograms for security and commercial applications. With services ranging from origination to finished products, the installation of a CAVOMIT HOLO CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 64X90 cylinder press at their own materials test and development facilities was felt as a necessary part of their commitment to hologram technology innovation. From our side, we met the confidence placed in our range of products with the introduction of our first dedicated HOLO CYLINDER press, available for demonstrations and training in multi-up foiling applications of registered holograms.

64X90 O 200    

APPLIED OPTICAL TECHNOLOGIES, Security printing, Washington 2001
APPLIED OPTICAL TECHNOLOGIES acquired one CAVOMIT HOLO STAMPER table-top hot-stamping and hologram registration unit for their own test and development studio.

H.S.OLD 200    

HANOVER MANAGEMENT Ltd., Graphic arts, Hants 2009 
Company HANOVER MANAGEMENT Ltd. acquired one CAVOMIT HOLO STAMPER table-top hot-stamping and hologram registration unit suitable for the authentication at the point-of-issue of certifications with the use of hot-stamped OVDs.  

H.S.OLD 200