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CETIS, Security printing, Celje 1995, 2009, 2016 
CETIS is undoubtedly the leading private printing house in Slovenia with active presence all over Europe. On invitation both from the equipment and holograms suppliers, we developed a multi-pull hot-stamping attachment for a sheet-fed KLUGE press suitable for the multi-up application of registered holograms on state security documents such as passport consular visas. In 2016 they placed their confidence in a CAVOMIT HOLO@CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 46X58,5 cylinder press for the hot-stamping of registered security holograms. 
K 600X2 200 46X58.5 200             

K.I.G., Security printing, Ljubliana 2003
Company K.I.G. acquired in 2003 one CAVOMIT HOLO@STAMPER hot-stamping and hologram registration unit suitable for the authentication at the point-of-issue of certifications with the use of hot-stamped OVDs. 

H.S.OLD 200