POLYGRAPHKOMBINAT UKRAINA, Ministry of Finance printworks, Kiev 1997, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Security Printing Polygraphkombinat UKRAINA is one of the two ex-Gosnak security printing facilities of Ukraine. Their participation in State projects involving hot-stamped security holograms brought them to a multi-pull CAVOMIT cylinder. Once confidence to our quality and support was gained, their order for an identical second cylinder press came within only 6 months. Three years of happy CAVOMIT production life and involvement in new international projects led to the installation of their THIRD cylinder press at the end of 2000. Full-house production round the clock made the purchase of a FOURTH cylinder press in mid-2001 a necessary investment. A FIFTH press was installed at the end of 2002 only to be followed with 3 more installations in 2003 and 2004. Today, PK UKRAINA printworks are fully involved in the manufacture of tax banderols for alcohol and tobacco products in Ukraine using 8 (eight !) CAVOMIT HOLO CYLINDER presses, a very impressive case study altogether. What better reference for any capital equipment manufacturer?


PREMIER GROUP Ltd. / POLGART, Beverage labels, Lviv 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 labels is done by applying decorative foils in-house with the use of a multi-pull CAVOMIT cylinder press. Their dedication to high quality resulted in successful business and a second multi-pull cylinder press was installed within a year. Provision for the application of security holograms was already in place. Business developments required the addition of their THIRD cylinder press within less than 18 months since their last investment in hot-stamping capital equipment. And, as if this were not enough, a FOURTH cylinder press found its way to their enlarged premises at the end of 2001. This is what is called: ‘Money well spent’.

KIEV OFFSET FACTORY, Ministry of Finance printworks, Kiev 1999, 2001, 2004
The second ex-Gosnak security printing house of Ukraine, Kiev Offset Factory, decided that a four-pull CAVOMIT HOLO@PLATEN press was the natural choice for them to enter this high-quality demanding market segment for private and state security documents. Some years later they acquired two more CAVOMIT HOLO@CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 56X77 cylinder presses.


PolygraphCenter ‘PLUTON’, Beverage labels, Odessa 1999
Customer PolygraphCenter ‘PLUTON’ clearly stated that their decision for a CAVOMIT HOLO@CYLINDER press was a direct result of our impressive local credentials, market presence, technical support and marketing mix. A very successful start of our new agency cooperation with POLYGRAPHIMPORT, this press was sold during POLIGRAFIA99 where our new HOLO CYLINDER demonstrated its full capabilities.


Polygraphicheskiy Center STROOM-SLAVUTICH, Commercial printworks, Vinnitsa 2000
The company STROOM is involved in the elimination of the consequences of the Chernobyl environmental disaster. Based in Vinnitsa and with a solid financial reputation, this company undertakes major construction and engineering works and specializes in waste treatment including that of radioactive waste materials. Its affiliate company in Slavutich is involved in a full range of printing projects as an effort to revive economic activities in the area. A CAVOMIT HOLO@CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 56X77 press strongly enhanced their performance and quality production.

KHARKOVSIBINVEST, Beverage packaging, Kharkov 2001
The printing affiliate of the company KHARKOVSIBINVEST specializes in printing labels for vodka and cognac as well as confectioner’s cardboard packaging. The need for in-house finishing and embellishment of their standard range of printing jobs brought the installation of a

ZIRKA+, Commercial printworks, Chernigov 2001
The company ZIRKA+ specializes in the commercial printing of beer labels, vodka labels, packaging and calendars. Their decision to invest in a CAVOMIT hot-stamping HOLO@CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 54X72 resulted in securing their share in a declining market by offering in-house value-added finishing of their standard range of products.


UKRIMPEX, Security printing, Kiev 2001
Company UKRIMPEX decided in 2001 to acquire one CAVOMIT HOLO@STAMPER hot-stamping and hologram registration unit suitable for the authentication at the point-of-issue of certifications with the use of hot-stamped OVDs.


DEKA, Confectionery packaging, Kharkov 2002 
The company DEKA is involved almost exclusively in the printing production of confectionery packaging. Their customers’ requirement for higher perceived value of their packaging led to the introduction of decorative hot-stamping foils and this in turn to the installation of a CAVOMIT HOLO@CYLINDER 56×77 for in-house application at full printing format.


ZORYA Security Printing, Kiev 2003
Zorya Security Printing has been perhaps the most well known traditional printing house in the former Soviet Union. Today, they are involved in highly specialized projects assigned by State authorities such as the printing of security documents. These documents feature several OVD patches and therefore the choice of a four-pull large-format CAVOMIT HOLO@CYLINDER size 73×104 was the natural development in a market dominated by CAVOMIT machines. High demand led to the procurement of a second identical press in the same year, whereas the ever popular desk-top HOLO@STAMPER was also found invaluable for the replacement of occasionally destroyed single documents.


LTD “GRAFIKA”, Printing factory, Lviv 2014
The company LTD “GRAFIKA” acquired in 2014 a CAVOMIT HOLO CYLINDER 64×90 with 4 foil-pulls for in-house application at full printing format. The company LTD “GRAFIKA” acquired in 2020 a CAVOMIT HOLO CYLINDER 54X72 with 3 foil-pulls for in-house application at full printing format.

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