(54X72) S Heidelberg Holo Cylinder Two Foil Pulls Hot Stamping & Hologram Printing Machine

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  1. General Details

    (54X72) S Heidelberg Cavomit Holo Cylinder
    Two Foil Pulls Hot Stamping & Hologram Printing Machine

    The Holo Cylinder (54X72) system is manufactured at the factory of
    Cavomit company with standard two foil-pull cylinders (upgradable to four)
    and is mounted on a machine type Letterpress by Heidelberg.
    The letterpress machine is fully reconditioned and maintained with new spare parts
    guaranteed by CAVOMIT.
    The new generation of hot-stamping machines has a big advantage.
    They are 1.5 m shorter than the previous models and therefore
    can be placed easier in small premises.

    Hot Plate:
    Single-piece hot plate, 16 mm thickness, with max. area coverage, made of high
    conductivity light alloy.
    The hot plate has a temperature insulation from the machine body for increased
    energy savings and optimal heat allocation.
    The hot plate is permanently placed in a printing chase allowing easy replacement with
    cutting/creasing chase or spare hot plate for fast changeover of various printing jobs.
    Moreover, auxiliary materials can be placed underneath the hot plate in order to achieve
    simultaneously hot stamping and embossing.
    The required precision of the printing temperature is acquired through
    (18) reliable, parallel resistances unevenly allocated all across the width of the plate in
    (6) precision temperature control zones, controlled by
    (6) temperature instruments.
    A laptop with Windows 10 software is adapted to the machine for better operation.

    The Laptop has following advantages:
    1. Better programming of the machine.
    2. More warning screens.
    3. Internet connection.
    4. Very easy operation.

    Operation switches:
    1. Machine speed control.
    2. Automatic / Manual operation.
    3. Machine Start button.
    4. Machine Stop button.

    Direct operation switches:
    1. Emergency Stop.
    2. Start.
    3. Manual operation of the machine.

  2. Technical Specifications
    Technical specifications S Heidelberg Cavomit Holo Cylinder 54X72
    1. Paper parameters  
    Paper size max 54 Χ 72 cm
    Paper size min 180 Χ 300 mm
    Paper sheet thickness 0.90 mm
    Feeder pile height 370 mm
    Delivery pile height 470 mm
    Max. blocking area 500 Χ 680 mm
    Gripper margin 8 – 10 mm
    Packing thickness 1.2 mm
    2. Operation control parameters  
    Control system Laptop with Windows software
    Foil-pulls & programs Standard 2 – upgradable to 4
    Pull step accuracy 0.01 mm
    Programming per pull cylinder 1-999 short pulls, 1 long pull 0-999 mm per cylinder
    Foil-pull speed adjustment By inverter
    Foil-pull cylinders 2 stepper motors (maximum 4)
    Foil rewind units 2-4 synchronized to stepper motors
    Counters 5 electronic, 1 mechanical
    3. Foil parameters  
    Foil roll width max 685 mm
     Foil roll width min 15 mm
    On upgrade foil pull stations 150 / 300 mm
    Distance between rolls (min) 2 mm on same bar axis
    Roll core diameter 16 or 25 mm on same bar axis
    External diameter of foil roll feed 90 mm on 16 mm or 25 mm core
    External diameter of used foil 140 mm on 25 mm core
    4. Printing parameters  
    Blocking speed Controlled by inverter, 300-3000 sheets per hour
    Alternative uses Cutting, creasing, embossing, punching
    5. Hot plate parameters  
    Hot plate Single-piece, honeycomb hot plate
    Heating zones 6 for optimal temperature allocation
    Temperature regulation 6 temperature instruments
    Resistances Parallel 18 Χ 600 W
    Printing die height 7.00 mm
    Die mounting on hot plate With micrometric adjustable mounts
    6. Hologram registration parameters  
    Hologram registration Outside hot plate on multi-axial system
    Printing accuracy +/- 0.5 mm (per image)
    Printing speed As for standard foil
    Roll width Standard max 60 mm (other dimensions optional)  
    Photoelectric switch Fast response, adjustable sensitivity
    Optical fibre Mounted at pre-set viewing angle 
    Software Specially developed in-house by Cavomit
    7. Physical parameters  
    Length 4000 mm
    Width 2100 mm
    Height 1750 mm
    Weight 5500 kg
    Export packing According to the wish of the customer
    Motor type AC 230/460, 50/60 Hz, 5.5 HP
    Total connection capacity 19 kW
    Voltage 380/460V, 50/60 Hz
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