Holograms (Registered) Manufacture Studies, & Sales

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    Holograms Registered Manufacture Studies, & Sales

    Cavomit Undertakes the manufacturing  and delivery of registered security
    Holograms suitable for varius uses.

    Registered security holograms are necessary
    for any application that needs high security such as: 

    Passport visas,
    Bank & Corporate cheques,
    Credit cards,
    Customs certificates,
    Insurance policies,
    Personal & travel documents,
    Contracts & Guarantees,
    Public notary deeds,
    Licences & Permits,
    Gift & Refund vouchers.

    Security holograms are the only way to avoid product counterfeiting.
    There are two types of registered security holograms:

    1. Hot-stamping holograms, that is hot-stamping foils
    with specific holographic images carrying registration marks.
    2. Tamper-evident hologram stickers, which get destructed
    when their detachment is attempted.

    Hot-stamping holograms can be personalized, that is
    the name of the company and/or the logo along with various
    other security features can be embodied into hot-stamping foil.
    They are delivered to the customers in rolls.
    Every roll has a label on it showing the total number of the images.
    Holograms, when changing viewing angle for instance by rotating
    or tilting them, give the impression of movement or a kinetic animation
    effect through white-light dispersion to its spectrum (rainbow) colours.

    Depending on what the customer desires, several colours can be used.
    For more safety, a hidden text (named micro-text) can be embodied in the hologram.
    Holograms are manufactured with the OVD technique.
    There are various types of holograms, according to their origination techniques,
    such as 2D/3D effect, Dot-matrix, Kinegrams etc.

    Our company has supplied a machine to the Mint of Greece
    on which the holograms of the 50 Euro banknotes are printed.

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