C. Z. G., Security printing, public transport titles, Czestochowa 1995
CZESTOCHOWSKIE ZAKLADY GRAFICZNE is one of the three ex-state security printing houses in Poland completely privatized. A pioneer in the application of security holographic stripes on public transport titles, they placed their confidence in a mutli-pull CAVOMIT HOLO@CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 46X58,5 cylinder press for the hot-stamping of registered security holograms.


P.W.P.W., Security printing, Warsaw 1997
POLSKA WYTWORNIA PAPIEROW WARTOSCIOWYGH is the main state security printing house in Poland operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Treasury. Its vertical integration includes a paper-mill and the printing of state security documents and bank notes As it was felt that a multi-pull CAVOMIT HOLO@CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 64X90 cylinder press constituted the best-value option satisfying their tight tolerance specifications in the application of registered holograms, we proudly secured this order among international competition.


DRUKARNIA ENGRAF, Security printing, Lodz 1998, 2001
Our first platen installation in Poland on invitation from Drukarnia ENGRAF and their foil supplier HOLOGRAPHIC DIMENSIONS. After three years of uninterrupted round-the clock application of holographic security stripes on public transport tickets for the majority of Polish cities, their production needs were further expanded with the installation of a mutli-pull CAVOMIT HOLO@CYLINDER HEIDELBERG 56X77 cylinder press.


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Cavomit Holo@Cylinder S 54X72 Hot Stamping Machine with Two Foil Pulls andTwo Hologram Registration Systems, 2021 Model

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